How She Creates

by Amy

Big news guys!!  You can hear all the ridiculous things I think about photography over on the current podcast of How She Creates!!  My dearest friend Lauren (check out her amazing website for inspiration on ALL things creative!) and I had a good chat about taking photos of everyday life, adventures and being in the moment!  We had such a blast and yes, I still hate to listen to my own voice!


On the podcast, we talk about many things and I just wanted to share some photos that correspond with what we are talking about.  If you look at these without listening in, you might wonder what the heck this collection of photos are doing together but I just wanted to give you that extra layer of podcasting: a visual reference.  Is that breaking all podcast rules?!  Like I said, I am new to this casting of pods world!

In the episode, I talked about taking photos of real life and practicing ALL. THE. TIME.  The photo of my boys unloading groceries is a good example of this.  I take photos of ANYTHING that tickles my fancy and in that moment, I loved seeing them so excited over our weekly haul!  I hope they are always so thankful for the blessing of fresh groceries.


We also discussed the importance of learning from people you admire.  The photo above is by one of my FAVORITE photographers ever (and get this…it isn’t even her full-time job!  She is just that amazing!!) named Mimi Inglin.  I learn so much from her about working with kids, posing, how to use light and being spontaneous with a family when we have our sessions.

The photo below is by Benj Haich and is what I was referencing when I talked about the couples session.  I kinda geeked out over having a session with him and will NEVER forgive myself for being such a fangirl dork but, I am forever in love with the images he created for us!  It was so neat to see his free-lensing techniques, how he worked with us using far less direction that other sessions I have been a part of and how the different the images came out versus what I thought he was capturing.  He is so ridiculously talented and I am so thankful for what I learned from our session with him.

Taking photos in public, where others laugh at you, is totally my jam.  All the awkward stares and you just gotta own it!
©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul, South Korea


This photo was a sly shot I took while traveling through Rome with my kids.  It happened in a hot second and I can still feel so much of that cathedral when I look at this image.  I also threw on a couple extra shots of people that I have interacted with in my travels so you can get an idea for what I meant.  Having photos like these really allow me to savor that time spent in another culture, watching normal life happen around me and being able to stand witness to its beauty.  And thankfully, if you are traveling abroad or in your own city, there will almost always be people for you to meet and photograph along the way!

HSCBlog007 ©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul, South Korea Cambodia007 ©Amy B Photography 2015 - Seoul South Korea Cambodia005 ©Amy B Photography 2015 - Seoul South Korea HSCBlog005

When I talk about photographing on the sly, this is the image I mentioned.  They had just gotten in a huge fight and I was “forcing” them to apologize when this moment happened.  By not bringing the camera up to my face (but instead holding it at my waist), I felt like I was allowed in on an intimacy that might have been lost had they known they were under watch.  Also I just made a rhyme and that is important for my free style rapping career someday.


Find the light!  This is that legendary selfie we took where we truly are living our best life in front of a Korean “Rite Aid”.  The light from their main window was better than any luminous phone case!

©Amy B Photography 2014 HSCBlog003

When Lauren asked about how I include my kids, I wanted you to see these.  We love to watch them explore and learn, so many times, these are the types of shots we get.

©Amy B Photography 2013 - Hohenzollern Castle Germany

I also talked about making sure to get the whole scene AND the details.  There is such a story told when those images are brought together in things like photo books and blog posts.

©Amy B Photography 2013 - Frejus, France

I also talked about being aware of what is going on around you.  The colors, the motion, the age, the smells, the people, the weather…details and landscapes together bring you RIGHT back to those places and moments you loved so dearly!

©Amy B Photography 2013 - Cote d'Azur, France HSCBlog006

I also talked about images from my cheapo digital camera.  This shot of my dad and daughter was taken in a dark hotel room with the cheapest digital camera I have ever owned.  The light from the window was perfection and it is proof that sometimes great images can be taken with equipment that isn’t considered pro.


That dirty clothes photo I mentioned?  I swear to you it was not posed but found EXACTLY like this!  Oh the memories of winter play when I see this!  Just capture life.  No matter how boring it might be to others…it has such meaning to you and yours!

Thanks so much for listening to me ramble on and on about something that I love so much!  Please make sure to leave feedback for Lauren on the How She Creates podcast so they can continue to put out good work!!  You guys are the best!!