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Desert Mermaid

Her amazing mom and I met in Germany when she was just a wee lass and now she is a graduating senior?! Weren’t we just making candy maps of the US and skeleton diagrams with veggies? The world took our families in different directions but our friendships held strong. So when her mama asked if […]

It’s the Remix!

It’s been too long so I’m going to just start fresh, right here and right now with a little recap and reopening! After nine years of living overseas, we are back on American soil and it is time to reopen Amy B Photography! Not that it is impossible to run a business in another country […]

Packing Your Hospital Go-Bag

With six kids, we have our fair share of ER visits in a year. While we currently live in Germany and experience different health care than the U.S., this idea might be helpful even during these pandemic times, no matter where you are in the world. A simple trip to the ER can sometimes take […]

Let’s All Be Well

I asked my thirteen-year-old to build a rainbow. Something big that we could display in our front window that would hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face as they pass by. What he made took my breath away! He used a technique called ‘greebling’ where you add small Lego pieces to a larger Lego surface […]

Stories From Here

Memory keeping has always been a passion of mine. I have a wide variety of ways that, when I am dead and gone, will be a mess of treasures for my family to find. Journals here, photos there, random ticket stubs with notes on the back or polaroid photos of times gone by. Even as […]

storms in the night

Worry woke me up at 1 am. Not just a fleeting thought but the most intense worry I have ever felt. It was a fullness in my chest. It burned and tingled in my nerve endings. I flopped around trying to rid myself of it as it was consuming. But God… I know that fear […]

How She Creates

Big news guys!!  You can hear all the ridiculous things I think about photography over on the current podcast of How She Creates!!  My dearest friend Lauren (check out her amazing website for inspiration on ALL things creative!) and I had a good chat about taking photos of everyday life, adventures and being in the […]

That Sisterly Love

It been a long time since I have written but a little update for you: we have moved from Korea and are enroute to Germany, with a month long lay-over through the states!  While I am so excited about this big move, I am even more thankful for the amazing families (like this fabulous bunch) […]

She's Always Brighter

Meet Caitlin!  She has a smile that can light up the world and loves the Lord with her beautiful heart of gold!  While I have only known her a short while, and this is going to sound super creepy, I feel like I know so much ABOUT her from watching her at church and interacting […]

under the blossoms of seoul

I met sweet Mama during the cherry blossom season of 2016.  What a blessing to photograph her newborn babe and family only one year later!  Since sweet baby was born during cherry blooms and while they were living in Korea, Mama made the perfect plans for our location! While baby ate and cuddle mama, big brother […]