you can do it

by Amy

as a mother, i battle with the whole let-them-run-like-hooligans thang.  they are boys.  they have tons of energy.  enough to recharge a solar powered fighter jet i am certain.  most times i make them go in the backyard or tell them to knock it off but this time, it was allowed.

ethan is two while big brother corbin is four.  four, in his case, is totally just a number as his actual build would lead people to believe he is six.  rounding turn four (our corner near the stairs) the two meteors collided and little ethan bounced.  hard.  into the wall and down to the ground.  only caught out of the corner of my eye, i didn’t see the exact location of contact.  fearing a head injury, we quickly equipped ourselves with spider man boo-boo buddy (ice pack with the ol super hero’s squishy face on it) and momma bear sized hugs.  he wouldn’t stop crying.  and then he wouldn’t stand.

first a trip to the emergency room, followed by four more days of appointments with specialists, pediatricians and x-ray techs…all to say we still don’t know what is wrong.  he didn’t walk for a week but more crawled or scooted around on his butt like a dog with worms.  he started to attempt walking but limped like he needed a hip replacement and kept falling on his bum ankle.  he was very clear about what exact spot hurt and while the docs were baffled, our awesome doc couldn’t stand to see him in pain.  cast him up.

what a relief!  he isn’t walking on it yet and seems annoyed with it at times but it is a good thing.  you ask him the color?  ‘seahawks’ he will tell you.  his favorite part about it?  banging it on hard surfaces to hear the sound it will make.  big brother and sister take excellent care of him, bringing him toys and putting in movies he wants to watch.  this really is an interesting learning curve to watch take place.

while i watch him attempt to do something, anything he is trying, and struggling…i feel as if i should scream out (very dramatically) “don’t help him!  get up child!  get up!!  you can do this…I KNOW YOU CAN!  just because you are disabled does NOT mean you are can’t do it!  you can do ANYTHING if you just put your mind to it!!!  come on!  do it!!!”

but that would just be dramatic.  and totally like me.