they are

by Amy

i want to start a fan page on facebook for this family.  some of them i just met on that beautiful afternoon.  some i have known for a time.  but all of them, i love.  seriously.  they are UHmazing.  i was so honored to be a part of this amazing, most likely once-in-a-lifetime event.  the sweetest gramma, her 3 kids, her 10 grand kids and 3 great-grand babies…plus all the spouses and fiancés from literally all over the country, in the same place at the same time and dang it…they wanted pictures!  how lucky am i?

like i said…uhhhhhhhhmazing.  they are beautiful couples who perfectly compliment each other.  they are red streaks and hide-n-seek players.

they are mommy’s and daddy’s.  they are making me feel like i am working with professional models.  they are fiercely in love and perfectly cuddly.

they are comfortable feet and beautiful babes.  they are sweet natured and loud laughers.

they are loud laughers.  i know.  it needed to be said twice.  they stop laughing long enough to either spit the next crack-up out or take a breather and grab their sides.  they are brothers and sisters that deeply love one another.

they are middle names passed on to the next generation.  they are behind the scenes acts of love.  they are freckled smiles with sunshine in their eyes.

they are goofy.  and close.  and don’t need to be posed or told what to do in front of a camera.  they are competitive women’s football and have arm muscles bigger than my thigh.

they are a site to see like the amazing scenery at whidbey.  they laugh at my stupid jokes, even if it was a pity laugh.  but they laugh harder at the sound of each others laughter.  they are fake smilers and mothers who can hear a fake smile crack.   and they immediately fix it.

they are newlyweds who can’t stop kissing.  they are inside jokes about whale dances.  they are non-stop touchers.  in the most lovely, flirty ways.  they make me want to run home and hug my family.  or flirt with mr. ballard.

they are magic talents  at random moments.  they play interesting instruments, have songs on digital cable music and contribute to insane medical research/advancements.

they are adventurous family portrait poses.  they gasp with excitement, similar to small children, at beach discoveries.  they fly to other countries to love on each other and celebrate special moments…like cancun weddings.

they are races to see who can be the first one to cuddle the fresh-from-a-nap baby.  the one who gets there first, graciously hands over the sweet baby so that all with arms reach can take turns.

they are play with beach discovery people.  they throw dead jelly fish back in the ocean with a serious glimmer of hope that it just might come alive again.  they save green rocks and beg me to take tons of pictures of said rocks in hopes of decorating their office with the art.  and the rocks.

they are make each other so scared you laugh people.  they scare each other…in a nice way.  they are patient and sweet.  and they let my kids chase their tiny puppy.

they are sparks in the eyes…in love.  they are teenager giggles.  they are amazing bbq’s with awesome food and then ask me to join.  they are sweet sentiments and surprises.  they love their people.

they are rrrrawr.  they are ever amazing and constantly loving.  they are true family.   i am so honored to be a part of their lives.  thank you.  thank you.  i am so honored that you allow me in to your circle.  you are all beyond amazing with each and every detail that makes you…you.  until the next family event… [wishful thinking, fingers crossed]