what it is like

by Amy

meet the wilson family.  i had the pleasure of getting to know mama and big sis on a mission trip to guatemala but this was the first time to hang with the whole fam.   they are a real kick in the pants!

mom and dad are beyond adorable.  i couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other but they were flirting.  like googly eyes and side snickers and secret whispers type flirting.  the best example to show the girls what love should be.  of what it is like to feel loved and give it right back.  awesome.

sisters.  you can see how much little loves big.  how much she looks up to her.  and how much big cares for little.  they have a special thing, big and little.

big sis is a beauty.  she has a beautiful heart along with that beautiful smile and i loved getting to know her a bit better while we were in guatemala.  she is one of those people that kinda blows you away the more you get to know her.  it’s kinda exciting.

the girls.  isn’t this just a ball of gorgeous love?

i loved watching dad make mom giggle.  he had this way of getting them out of her.  like a magic trick where her already bright smile just grew to a brilliant glow.

little was such a ham.  clearly.  she ping ponged between begging to be shot and running from the shutter.  she either told me what to do or the shot wouldn’t happen.  so i played along, willing because come on…how much more real do you get than this?

like i said, big sis is gorgeous.  crossing my fingers she might want to play with me again come senior photo time!  plus i loved watching her blush over “key” subjects.

thank you wilson family.  thank you for allowing me to come run tromp through the forest and the crazies with you.  your family is a true gem filled with love and kindness and giggles.  i enjoy every minute of getting to know you all better.  thank you for your friendship, your stories, your creative genius and sitting on rocks in foreign countries, hashing out what life is really all about.  thank you.