week four: macro

by Amy

i am 31 years old.  i homeschool my kids.  no joke, i had no idea snowflakes really looked like the paper cut-outs i made in 2nd grade (or last week if we were being totally honest).  i know.  my kids are doomed.

i am constantly amazed at the wonders God provides for us.  is he even serious right now?!  these gorgeous little shapes, different and clustered and silent.  they are real?

i have watched them fall.  i have seen them gather.  i have taken a handful of them and powder-coated someone.

i have even seen images like this before and guffawed at the reality.  why?  i shouldn’t be surprised that God made something so awesome.

but i had to see it with my own eyes.  me, of little faith.

when i woke up this morning, it was early.  it was a deal with Jesus.  “i will get up whatever time you want me to Lord.  just make it happen (long story…alarms and my husband when he doesn’t need to get up?  bad news!) and i am there, to spend time with you first.  but remember yesterday, we tried this and you thought 4:46 was an acceptable time.  let’s not kid.  anytime on the flip side of five is fine with me.  i’m your girl!  amen.” and i close my eyes to go to sleep.

4:14.  four stinkin fourteen.  the monitor starts beeping as if the battery is dying.  yeah.  right.

i close my eyes to try and go back to bed, thinking God can’t be serious.  it’s way too early.  i will be exhausted and mean mommy and fall asleep during reading time.

but he was serious when he asked noah to build that big ol boat.  or when he told mary she was going to birth the messiah.  that was my honest to goodness reasoning.  go ahead, judge me.  like my day really holds something that awesome?  four colon* fifteen is so early.  but He was serious.  me, of little faith.

so, warm feet hit the cold floor and i went about my morning.  cocoa and Romans and a study on marriage, prayers and school prep and printing out a recipe for dinner.  all stuff i wish to be so good at every day and usually can only pull off a few.  but not this morning.  He wasn’t kidding.

daylight fought out the night and the snow fell.  the puppy needed out, i had a few more minutes before all the little people started tugging on me.  curled up in my sweater, watching them slowly float down, this little guy caught my eye.

i am not birthing a savior nor am i taking in two of every kind before the earth takes a big gulp.  i really am not doing anything fantastic except for being willing.  i am here and he prepares me.  i am awake and i am refreshed.  i am a nice(r) mommy with more patience than yesterday.  i can fill their heads with jesus and knowledge and silliness.  i can take care of a friend who needs a little extra help.  i can write a friend a note of encouragement and send a package to a relative long overdue.  i can serve my husband and my kids better and keep focused on what i am called to do instead of trying to play catch up with what i feel needs to be done.

and he blesses me.  quiet moments with huge splendor.  wonders anew, he blesses me.

*we are talking punctuation here.  not anatomy.  just so we are clear.