we go together like

by Amy

one taste was all it took.  just like diet coke, i am addicted.  i feel like yelling “slideshows for everyone!” at the top of my lungs as if i were serving them at a restaurant.  there something so so so special about these things…they seem to mean SO much to the people who receive them.  and you want to know a little secret?  they mean SO much to me to!  some of you, i am getting to know as we do our session together and other of you…we go back…waaaaaaay back.  but either way, i think i have the most amazing clients in the whole world and i adore putting these together!

the most powerful/beautiful/fun images dance across the screen to music that i thought very long and hard about.  even while we are shooting i am imagining where my lyrical hunt will take me.  and then, i listen.  first to you so i can saturate up as much as there possible is to learn from you in our short but sweet time together.  then i listen to the words.  as the music plays, i do my darndest to match pictures with emotion.  partly because i am an artist, partly because i am a bit OCD and partly because i feel like a little kid hiding behind the couch.  you know…after I just stealthly painted “i luv you” on the wall and am anxiously awaiting my mother to come see the sweet love note…i just know she will love it!  😉

i will stop rambling and let you watch the slideshow now.  and please…i would love to hear what you think!