Waking Out of A Blog Nap

by Amy

Has it really been two years since I last posted?  Is anyone even still here?  It’s pretty embarassing and I kinda don’t know how to behave!  But I have been avoiding this void long enough.  Taking an uncomfortable step towards correction sooooo…just to update you, the last two years have brought about a lot of change:

We moved from Korea to Germany with a stop in Hawaii and Seattle over the summer of 17.

©Amy B Photography 2019

Once in Germany by late summer of 2017, it took us a few months to find a home but we finally settled, found a vehicle and were blessed/surprised by the addition of twins to our family in 2018!

Image ©Jada Tarver

We are still homeschooling.  We are still living in Germany.  We are still traveling and loving the chaos our party of 8 brings.  But all of this means that this is a season of life where I have to set my photography business aside.   One of the beautiful blessings of having a business I can set down and pick back up is that I can practice on my own family in the downtime!

©Amy B Photography 2019

So, if you are still here, thank you!  If you are new here, welcome!  I have some big changes I want to make around here as I dream about what our future might hold, but for now, can I just share my life and learning and travels with you?  Leave a comment below to say hi and let me know you are here?  Thanks friends!  I have big plans for this space but I am working on it slowly as time allows!