by Amy

a couple months back, i received a phone call to do some senior shots.  since my business is still fairly new, just the fact that she was referred to me by someone else (thank you sweet friend who rhymes with Shmia) made me super happy.  but then, she had a request.  her son had one particular thing she wanted to make sure was emphasized in his shots.  this made me super super happy.  see the two supers there verses the first one all by itself.  yeah.  happiness was building.

i love love love when my awesome clients ask if they can incorporate something personal about themselves in to the shots.  their sessions go from not just photos but to the story of the person.  they transform a regular shoot in to an extraordinary peek in to the life of this beautiful person in front of the camera.  she continued on to tell me that her son was a basketball player and how he really had a love for this collection of his.  we talked in detail about it and made amazing arrangements and the day of our shoot could not get here fast enough.  i was super super super excited.  [keep counting the supers]

the session finally came and i get to meet the highly anticipated “big guy.”  he and his family are those beautiful people.  those beautiful people who you see occasionally and the mom looks so young you think she is a sister and the boy is so handsome you think he is far from highschool.  that kind of beautiful.

this big guy was so fun to hang out with.  there was barely any posing involved.  more like ‘go stand in front of that wall’ or ‘shoot a few shots and don’t mind me laying on the ground in front of you’ and he just would.  he would lean against the wall and though i had just met him, i could tell that was how he always leaned against a wall…and i loved it.  he was in his pictures.  he. was. there.  not something I asked of him…just him.  yessssssss.

oh right…that big teaser i gave you up at the top of this…lets get to that.  so besides all of the other things that made this shoot with ramsey so awesome…was his unique “collection”.  air jordan shoes.  he has them, everyone of them…from the beginning to the most current.  he has them.  and he was willing to meet me at an indoor gym to incorporate them in to his photos.  how many times should i add “super” in front of my happy?  we lined them up, side by side, and they went from one end of the court and almost to the next.  we blame it on the fact that he couldn’t possibly fit another sole in his vehicle or else we would have made it.

isn’t this amazing?!  isn’t it every man’s dream to have a collection like this?  isn’t it every photographers dream to have a shoot with something so special as this?  i could barely contain myself that he would be so awesome as to take the time (yeeeeee dawggie it took some time) to pull all these shoes out of the boxes, some that had never been out, just to do your senior photos?!  i am still in awe.  and still super x1 million happy that they called lil ol me.

this is the look you get when he is done with you.  when he is annoyed and wants to be left alone.  that’s what his mama said.  i will be done.  so thank you big guy.  thank you for sharing such important aspects of yourself with me.  i loved meeting your whole awesome family and girlfriend, i loved working with you (you made it so easy) and i love all those little things that make you…you.