true friend

by Amy

everything is more fun with your best friend.  even senior pictures.  who better to make you laugh and smile at the right moments, other than the dork behind the camera, and who better to help you come up with awesome ideas for each shot?  this is jennifer and nicholette.  they are the very best of friends.  the kind that break out in to giggles for no apparent reason…and totally get it.

miss jennifer is my friend’s lil sis.  [hey david!]  i have gotten to hear some awesome funny family stories from david and was stoked to finally meet the infamous ‘baby’ sister.  beautiful ‘baby’ isn’t she?!

this is nicholette.  she and jennifer have been best friends for some time now.  after becoming their facebook friends (and rightfully photo stalking their pages), i was super excited for this shoot with these two beautiful girls.  doesn’t nic have some killer pretty eyes?!

i made them try some serious faces.  they said it was a bit hard for them because they weren’t normally serious-type people.  by a bit hard, i mean…there were only a few that looked even remotely serious.  [secretly enjoyed]  while i hate to make people be out of the normal character, i do not regret asking them this.  how fierce do they look?!

another thing i loved about this shoot was that we were using about the same amount of time as a normal senior session and same amount of locations buuuuuuuut…i had two people each location/pose.  while they shared some of the same backdrops and poses, it was fun to try and use the space around us and the quickly fading light to really stretch our creativity!  i especially wanted to share the photo of jen pouncing on nic in a re-creation of simba and nala…but i need her permission first.

there truly is nothing like the comfort that a best friend can give you.

these girls were so RAD!  not only were they gorgeously gorgeous but they were so sweet.  just fun and up for anything.  i asked them to lay in a wheat field for goodness sake!   stellar.

i have been eyeballing this ol bus for some time now.  i could imagine someone sitting inside the door way, or a shot through a dingy window or someone sitting in the driver seat.  let me just tell you, i have never been so scared or creeped out on a shoot before.  needless to say, there was no way we were getting in that bus.  it is hard to describe accuratly the site at which this bus was located but i can tell you this…there were signs everywhere that made you feel like you were being watched (and possibly snipered), the awkward  guy that said ok for pics on his property had a girlfriend that seriously resembled a mannequin (think stiff-swivel head and creepy aviators) and i thought i heard banjo music in the distance.  nuff said.

so of course the girls had to jump on the bus for the final shot!  if there was ever a time for a get-away-car…

thanks for playing with me girls!  for driving down super far, for cuddling with mosquitos and for risking your life on the river rocks!  you two rocked and i am so stoked you choose to do your pictures together…with me.  oh…and i hope that you aren’t still pulling sharp wheat things out of your shoes…like me.  😉