total confusion

by Amy

wait?!  you mean the UPS man is NOT stopping at our house?  this isn’t right…this just isn’t right…

if you have noticed (please say you have) it has been a bit quiet on the blog.  and from my friend Brian with UPS.  so i guess i should make the announcement unless you have already heard.  again, please say you have.  😉

we are moving back to germany.  [sigh]  there.  i said it.  out loud and for all you lovely people on the other side of my screen to see.  don’t get me wrong, i am terribly excited to move back to the same place, to crepes and wienerschnitzle and castles and cobblestone and christmas markts and quick trips to paris.  i can’t wait to immerse our family in the cultures and traditions and the history of it all.  i can’t wait to drive five hours and hit belgium instead of spokane.  i can’t wait to wear wide brimmed hats and have afternoon tea with our neighbors and eat sandwiches for breakfast and bubbly water for hydration.  i can’t wait.

but i am sad too.  sad to say good bye to my family and friends and church.  sad to say good bye to my neighbors and co-op and kids sports coaches.  sad to say good bye to taco time and american diet coke and target and costco.  oh let’s not leave you out costco.  you won’t even deliver to me while i am over there…so i will really miss you.  my wallet won’t though.  i digress.  i will miss oversized pick up trucks that could stomp all the smart cars buzzin around.  i will miss big yards with little trees and houses made out of wood and red firetrucks.  i will miss being able to eavesdrop on the conversations around me, check my voicemail or order food being certain of what i will receive.  i will miss 24 hour stores and getting groceries on sunday (if i need to) and doors that have to be locked instead of locking you out while you are potentially in your robe.  potentially.  i will miss so much.

i will miss this.  this awesome photography business that i started right here in good ol’ washington state.  yes, i can take it with me but with all the lovely babies i keep having, a husband who will be away often and a huge lack of family close by, i fear my business will be slow at best.  i can fear that right?  i don’t want to quit but i can’t quite picture how it will look across the ocean.  we will see.

it is weird to work so hard at something for two years, to build up awesome relationships with amazing clients and have a plump calendar full of sessions but then have to take a bunch of steps away from it.  i never wanted this dream of mine to get too big that it took me away from my first priorities but i did want to stay busy and make lots of people happy.  i feel so blessed by so many of you that believe in me, support me, comment on my blogs and even [gasp] hire me.  thank you for that.  for it all.  thanks from the bottom of my butt!

so…here is the plan.  if you are even still reading at this point.  sheesh…i sound like such a drama queen.  but here is the plan.  i made arrangements with many of you and am honoring all previously booked engagements (yes that means you Will & Erica, Josh & Tarrah, Melissa & David, Lauren & Nick, Lindsay & Gary, Merissa & Jay, The Butlers, The Paynes, Eden and hopefully the Darrows) but I am not able to handle even one more session.  zoinks.  while we don’t move until october, we have to ship out all our stuff and be out of our house in june so there are some crazy months ahead of us!  it pains me to have to say no to all the awesome people i still wish to shoot but i just don’t have the time left to be able to handle it all.  you understand right?!

again, i am SO thankful for all you amazing people who got this show up and running.  there would be no amy b without you all and i can’t wait to see what is in store next.  maybe i can learn german and get in good with the locals.  or maybe i can market myself as a european destination photographer who is already there!  or maybe i can post millions of pictures of my kids and you will still love me.  or maybe you can all come to germany for your sessions now (airfares on you) and it’s a win win for us all.  who knows but i am excited for the future and thankful for the past.

so please, don’t drop me…yet.  there are still so many rad things to come this year.  four weddings (two of them are on islands!) , a family of 13, a gorgeous senior and a beautiful/familiar family you have grown with. oh and a ton of babies and gorgeous pregnant chicks.  getting some good practice in with babies right now.  can’t wait to share all of this.  so please keep coming back.  i might be going somewhere but i really am not going anywhere!


Amy B

of course, there needed to be a classic tourist picture.  of course…