...to bradley bundle

by Amy

remember the beautiful debbie?  (i sure hope so…it was just yesterday.  sheesh.) well…meet her little man, bradley.  we had our session on the eighth day of his little new life and i thank my lucky stars that he is my neighbor so i can go steal cuddles anytime i want.

like i said, i knew brooke was going to be the best big sis.

sweet bradley looks just like his sis did when she was born.  more manly of course but still very similar.  he has this beautiful thick head of hair that almost looks like a weather system for a hurricane, with the one beautiful curl atop.

he is already making faces that debbie swears are just like daddy.

those sweet little furry shoulders are only furry for so long.  and those adorable lips….oh my.  oh.  my.

he was awake for a little bit but fully content to be resting in daddy’s arms.

thank you bradley.  you are a breath of fresh air and i could probably cuddle with you the whole entire day if you would let me.  you have an awesome family and i am looking forward to watching you grow up.

and thank you brooke for loving on him and looking out for him only the way a big sis could.  he is one lucky brother!