they are love

by Amy

let’s talk about these people.  let’s talk about how they are probably the most loved family i have ever known.  why?  because they give love.  they are love to SO many people around the world, from the many places they have lived and the many families they have crossed paths with, that if you are lucky enough to know them, I am sure they have done something amazing in your life.

i can’t speak for everyone but…in my experience, they give of themselves.  in real, tangible ways.  from dog sitting to child care and providing meals to families needing a bit of extra help, they just think of others.  like that time they forced my husband and me to take a weekend away while they cared for our four kids plus their own.  “because we know what life looks like with four little ones and we want you to celebrate, just the two of you.”  see that?!  thoughtfulness and awesomeness overflowing!

their kids are unbelievable.  seriously.  i look at them and just want to sit at the feet of kimberly and glenn to hear every single step of their parenting, to get that magic formula, so my kids can have even half of the amazing qualities these kids have.  kind, funny, thoughtful, smart and awesome…just like their parents.

we found a Josh sized entry…and then Glenn found his own?

these photos were especially important since dad had to leave on a year long deployment starting this week.  i just pray that, for those of us that know and love this family, we can all come along and support them as much as they have supported all of us.

what shoot in Germany isn’t complete without a Sound of Music tribute?!

thank you Harwood Family.  you are so loved by so many.  thank you for all the many ways you have shown our family love and attention, thoughtfulness and care.  thank you for lunches after church, for holding the baby, for babysitting our kids (and our dog), for playing pirates at the playground and letting my kids rummage through your nerf gun collections.  thank you for loving us even though we break things, for impromptu breakfasts and for every last encouraging word you shower us with.  we love everything about you and really, honestly hope we can grow up to be as amazing as you!  God bless your family now, as you make your way through the deployment.  you are so loved!