the joy of giving

by Amy

you need to know this family.  they will do anything for someone in need.  they will do anything for someone just to make that person’s day a bit brighter.  you need to experience what friendship is like with them.  it will melt you to the core.  i don’t know if i have ever done this but i wanted to post nearly every image from their session…so i am.  take that, normal amy protocol!

lillie and i have been friends since i met her at church.  she startles me with her fabulous sense of humor.  dry, sarcastic…just the kind i love.  she has THE (dramatically pronounced as “theeeeee”) most generous heart i have ever come across.  always giving of herself, she will do anything for anyone.  thoughtful and considerate of other peoples needs and joys, she just never stops giving.  i wanna be like her when i grow up.  and her handsome man?  he is the same!  he devotes his time to lead our Dave Ramsey class at church, helps out with every project i have ever seen…and even offered to break his back for the sake of a good picture.  in fact, it melted my heart to watch him bid on this session at our church mission auction.  he knew how badly his wife wanted this and would not give up.  i loved watching him fight for something for her…all chivalrous and loving.   these two.  are.  awesome.

these are their adorable boys.  i always feel like a dork with other peoples kids.  you know, trying to make them laugh or figure out what we can talk about.  and the older they are, the more sticks of deodorant i to go through as i clumsily make a fool of myself so they like me.  so they feel like they can be awesome in front of the camera.  these guys didn’t make me work to hard.  it also helped that i fell down the hill in front of them.  we tight now.

thank you friends.  thank you for your generous giving, your constant empathy and your overflowing love.  thank you for leaf piles and angel kisses and skipping rocks and bruised thighs.  for hurting backs and for silly giggles and for matching clothes.  i loved spending the day with you and getting to know you all even better.  your friendship, your kindness and your daily examples of sharing will never leave me.  thank you.