the good stuff

by Amy

i love it when people are playful and fun with me on a shoot.  jessica (see a peek at her wedding here) is SO much fun and i just adore her giggles.  i mentioned how funny it is when a bride has to go potty and how their dress is so hard to contain.  that little hamster up top my nog just started a runnin' and pretty soon, before i knew it, my big ol' mouth just blurted out a request to capture that moment.  oy.

 and i am so glad she was game!  i considered not telling you this was a recreation of the event but, in case any future brides were scared of me creepin' under stall doors or bustin' the door open Cops-in-Kent style, i thought i should make that important detail clear.  

thank you jess for your rad spontaneity.  you know i hadn't ever seen a shot like this before so i hope you will forever go down in history! 😉