The First of Fall

by Amy

Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography

When she first contacted me, I had my mind made up that I would not be taking clients here.  I had my reasons and they were sound BUT…there are just so many beautiful people, untold stories and amazing places to see here that I could not NOT photograph them.  It had been a bit of time since sent her initial inquiry so when I wrote her back to let her know I changed my mind, it was the thrill of thrills that she still wanted lil ol me to photograph her beautiful family!

©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography lee002

Being my first family in my area and my first family in a LONG time, I was SO nervous.  It’s been a week and I STILL feel the butterflies!  Of course, photography is a part of my everyday life but this family I had only ever spoken with online and I didn’t know anything about them, so showing up to the park felt a little bit like I might be murdered or tricked on a hidden camera show.  Good news…I am still alive and if there were hidden cameras…I am sure I made a fool of myself with these precious kids!

©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography lee003

Fall in South Korea is gorgeous but these little munchkins just brought it all to life!  We ran, we played hide-n-seek and we ran some more!  Who says photography isn’t a good work out?!

©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography lee004 lee007 lee008 lee009

Could they be ANY cuter?!

lee010 lee011©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography lee012 lee014 lee015 lee016 lee017 lee018©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography lee019 ©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photographer lee030

Not only was I not stolen or embarrassed on television, but I REALLY enjoyed these amazing people.  Mama was so graceful and kind, Dad was such a good sport with all my silly requests and we just had good ol fun playing with the kids all over the park!  These are the kind of clients I love.  You know the kind, right?!  The ones you really want to hang out and be friends with even after the session is over!

lee024©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography

My favorite part?  They pulled out a very special set of Hanbok (traditional Korean dress), that were given to their kids as a gift, for the last moments of our fading fall light.  These beautiful outfits were too amazing not to show off and I think little miss was feeling pretty special in her dress!  I also LOVE how big brother made sure to hold her hand and lead her around, so protective yet loving!

lee025©Amy B Photography 2016 - Seoul Family Photography lee026

So very thankful for this family and the time we shared!  The giggles, the games of tag and the amazing outfit choices (go Mama!) made this first session in Seoul one I will never forget!  Plus, I am really looking forward to our follow up Octonauts and Paw Patrol playdate extraordinaire!  😉

Thank you for your mad google search skills, for your flattering messages and for trusting me with your family session!  I am so honored to have the time with you and so thankful to have met you!  And thanks for not laughing at my terrible Korean pronunciations!