the fantastic four

by Amy

it was really cold.  colder than i expected.  the plans i had for a leisurely stroll through ballard on a crisp fall morning turned into red noses, running snot and cold little people.  but they still looked like the gorgeous family that they were and we had some fun of it…

with things like impromptu dance parties in empty parking lots.  kitty (lil lady’s beloved lovey cat) joined us and the kids showed me their sweet dance moves!  oh to dance with such happiness…even when there is no music…

aren’t these kids so adorable!  big brother was my buddy from the get go but lil lady needed some time to get to know me a bit better.  and that’s ok.  my big hair and generally loud personality can be quite alarming even for adults so i understand where she is coming from.  i just could resist her big eyes and strong willed spirit!

but daddy could help me get her to giggle!  i tried everything in the book, aside from outright trying to tickle her myself.  usually when kids don’t want you near them, reaching out with your gangly fingers in crab-like form brings tears instead of chuckles.  but daddy knew all the right moves to bring smiles to his sweet lil girls cheeks.

these two are a power couple in every sense of the word.  gorgeous together, ridiculously successful in their careers and amazing parents.  i loved to hear that they both work from home.  wait, did i tell you that their children are close to genius?  yeah.  seriously smart!  i have to believe that mom and pops and all that time they have with the kiddos has something to do with it!

i have been getting to know mama a bit more since our session and she is kinda fantastic.  i loved watching her play and read and just be with her kids.  they adore her.  she is relaxed and fun and loving and smart.  and as a career woman?  well…let’s just say…she’s big time!  like featured-on-24-hour-new-channels-that-rhyme-with-d.m.m. big time.

i love to see such happy kiddos!  i love that i could ponder the hotness of that particular sun with lil lady and that she didn’t want me to burn my back if i got too close to it.  i love that he believed his arms looked JUST LIKE the rays of that sun.  they are the type of kids that make me love what i get to do.

thank you B family for sharing your morning, your car, your home, your pumpkins and your giggles with me.  thank you for story time and for fall leaf bouquets and tomatoes from the neighbors yard and for educating me on how to use an iPad.  thank you, big brother, for showing me your room and your tackle box and insisting that i smell all the contents.  thank you for reading to me and telling me all about your favorite aircraft and how humboldt squid attack.  and lil lady?  thank you for the hysterical giggles you pulled out in the last ten minutes when i accidentally went in for the tickle.  i wish i would have known that in the beginning but i am thankful that i got even a glimpse of your joy.  thank you all for such a fun session, for waiting so long for me and for making me feel like my photography is your favorite!  i can’t wait to see you again soon!