the doodle & co.

by Amy

i love you all, you know that right?  but this girl?  she holds the most specialest place in my heart.  yes, special-est is a word.  this is my niece!  so far my only niece.  my favorite niece.  she is laughter and opinion and cuddles and shy and she lights up everyone and everything around her.  she.  is.  awesome.

and these are my in-laws.  usually people say that with disdain and frowns but i got lucky with my husbands older sister.  and the beau who swept her off her feet!  do you remember me posting about her and how amazing it felt to photograph The Doodle last time?  No?  Well, please…read and come back…

The Doodle is four now.  my how time flies.  and yes, we are the lucky ones.  she is smart and confident and strong willed and will most likely take over this world before we know it.  and this should be her campaign slogan!

it is hard to decide if she is a daddy’s girl or a mama’s girl.  either way, she seems to make both of them feel like they are the most important person to her.

my sis (in-law but i prefer to leave that part off) is such a good mommy!  i often find myself re-using things i hear her say (to the doodle) on my kids.  and i often daydream about what it would be like to own a closet supplied by Elissa.  it truly is every girls dream closet.  do they make that coat in my size?

one of the things i love most about the doodle is here free spirit.  she wants to run and play and sing and hide and giggle and run some more.  she wants to do it all and she wants to do it all on her own.  i hope that never leaves her.

aren’t they picture perfect?!  and since she already announced it, i am just going to say it…they are soon to have a sweet baby boy in the frame as well.  next february i get to be  an auntie again.  i get to watch their adorable family grow.  i get to see avery become a big sis and watch her play, cuddle, teach and get in to trouble with a baby brother.  did i already mention how blessed i feel to call them my family?

thank you sweet avery doodle for letting me play with you that gorgeous day.  thank you for the belly laughs and the perfect posing and the keeping me on my toes.  thanks for making mommy and daddy laugh, for teaching me how to balance on the railroad tracks and for how to change outfits in public without anyone seeing my disney undies.  i love you my sweet doodle and i am so proud of the big girl that you are.  can’t wait to see you soon and can’t wait to squeeze those edible cheeks!

and thanks sis, for once again supporting me and believing in me.  thank you for making these sessions SO easy, for letting me pick the crappy restaurant and for always sharing the doodle with me.  and chris, you were an awesome sport through it all!  despite the verbal onslaught (i won’t name any names) and the outfit changes and three “lovely” girls begging for you to do this and do that…you were a rockstar!  thank you.

oh but wait…i feel an outtake coming on…

proof positive that tickling does not always work.  🙂  love you doodle!  thanks for being a good sport about it!