the angels next door

by Amy

she would see me, stressing out over whatever lastest dilemma i had gotten myself into and she would offer to take my kids.  she had up to six kids in her home at any one time she offered, yet she was sincere and willing.  she and the kids made cookies for us for no reason.  the shared sunscreen when i forgot it, leant play toys when kids asked and prayed for us probably even when we hadn’t supplied a reason.  they were our angels next store.

when someone does things so amazing for you that you just don’t know how to repay them, you do the best you can from the deepest of your heart in the loudest language of love you know.  this family is selfless and giving and joyful and loving to anyone they come in contact with.  they forgive and accept and take in and cherish like none other.  everything they do is from the heart, drowning in the love of Christ and screaming…unconditional.

i am so thankful that we were placed across the street from these people.  so thankful for their friendship and food and prayers and laughter.  so thankful that our kinship will continue through the years and so thankful that they continue to teach me oodles of things about life and love and selflessness.  so thankful.  so.

and of course, what sappy lovenote to a friend would be complete without an outtake?!  we had so much fun on our evening together but we definitely knew when time was up!  love you guys!