thank you

by Amy

thinking of the veterans i know today.

my uncle who was spit on upon his return from vietnam.

my cousins who have served many years with many long trips away from their families.

my grandfathers whose war stories are in handwritten  journals, rows of medals and stacks of folded, musty uniforms.  locked away in spray painted locker boxes just wanting for their stories to be retold again.

all of our friends serving this country, home and far away.  standing in line to make phone calls or use the internet and dreaming of the family they just ache to see.

our dear friend Jonah.  tears between memories of him while praying for his sweet wife and children.

my husband.  he devotes his life to serve God, to serve this nation and to serve our family.

thank you.  those two words seem so piddly in comparison to the feelings in my heart for what you all have done for us and continue to do for us.  even still…it’s a start.

thank you.