sweet love

by Amy

I was told that she was the kind of girl that saw the very best in everyone.  that it took a lot to make her upset.  that she was always happy and kind to everyone.  she…was all of this and more.  [side note] rachel's maiden name is 'fudge'.  even her name is sweet?! [end side note]

rachel seemed to genuinely love everyone around her.  these girls were probably at the top of her list.  she laughed with them, danced with them, cried with them and prayed with them…not only this day but, as it was made clear, most every time she sees them.  these girls had such an awesome bond.  plus, they rallied together to primp and fuss on the beautiful bride.  they were certain to hand her the goldfish crackers, hairspray the strays and buckle her beautiful shoes before she could even ask.

these guys.  man oh man.  i have found that either A) guys are not a fan of picutre takin' or B) i am a huge dork that just keeps them rolling their eyes or 3) all of the above.  in an effort to be creative and fun with the group shots, we asked them to do a boy band pose.  No.  they did not want to.  but as soon as the camera was up to my eye BOOM…stellar boy band performance pose.  i wanted to run and hug each one of them but, a dork's gotta know her limits.

after sprints between rooms, people on lookout and a carefully mapped plan, we were able to plan their first sight.  as much as I love the "waiting to see each other at the alter" weddings, there is also something so special about seeing each other before the wedding and having a private little photo shoot.  you get to really witness the emotions that go on at the moment of seeing their future spouse.  it gives me goosebumps and tears everytime.

 he stood on a dirt path that led around, under and through the trees to the lake.  we led her over to him.  you could just feel the anticipation in the air.  thick.  they were giddy.  like little-3rd-graders-with-crushes giddy.  


most couple, at first sight, hug and laugh and chat quietly between themselves.  some cry, some exchange gifts, some savor the moment and some just want to get the photos started.  these two…these two couldn't stop kissing.  not the gross make-out sessions you see in high school hallways but the sweetest little peck peck kisses.  adorable.  eh-hem…sorry kyle.  it was cool.

isn't she just stunning?!  everything about her was just beautifully graceful and radiant.  it almost felt like cheating.  like I didn't have to really work very hard or even ask her for much…she just was.  radiant.

 i heart their giggles.

her mother prayed over her and the girls before it was time to walk down the aisle.  there wasn't a dry eye in the room.  such beautiful requests to bless this couple as they entered in to marriage.  it is really hard to see through the tiny viewfinder with big ol tears in the way.

what love between a mother and a daughter.  not overbearing or forceful…considerate and shared.  you can see where rachel gets that intense kindness and love for others.  the apple did not fall far from the tree.

pretty maids all in a row. 

rachel loves her daddy.  when doing the portraits, I always love to try and get a real relationship moment verses just a posed shot.  as I began to ask her if she was cuddly with her daddy, i stopped.  before cuddly even crossed my tongue, she sweetly laid her head on his shoulder with a big ol grin on her face.  of course she is cuddly?!  did I even need to ask?

handwritten vows.  the kindest words, the strongest promises and the best insight into their relationship.  yes, he will love her to the end.  but…yes, she loves him AND his video games for eternity.  you just can't get that kinda stuff from the pastor marrying you.

the moments they had to stand aside, you know…not touching…seemed like pure torture to them.  as soon as they got close, it was like magnets in their hands.  shzooem.  (that is the sound of magnet hands rushing together.)

you may kiss the bride.  fa'real this time.  

thank you kyle and rachel.  thank you for allowing me in to witness your love.  to be a part of your big day and to just be in the presence of such an awesome and loving set of people.  happy forever to you both!