sweet honey love

by Amy

it’s her real name…honey.  at first, it felt weird, you know, calling her honey.  like it was too soon for a pet name or that i maybe sounded condescending.  but i am over it now.  and derek?  he got lucky!  not only is honey simply amazing…but he didn’t even have to make up a oogly, sweet nickname.  score!

derek is a fire fighter for pierce county and was so sauve that i felt like a little kid on “bring your professional awesome person to work” day.  if you can imagine that little cartoon dog that jumps around the big bulldog with the non-stop flow of questions…well, that was me.  and he was so patient and kind.  [thanks d]  and honey?  doesn’t get much better than her.  she works in emergency care for children, teaches snowboarding lessons on the side, allows people to glue bling bling to her lips and is most definitely sweeter than her name.  and did i mention she is drop dead gorgeous?  love this couple and can not wait for their october wedding!

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