summer christmas

by Amy

i am a professional procrastinator.  or maybe that isn’t the right word…maybe i just spread myself too thin among all the awesome things available to occupy one’s time.  mr ballard calls it “easily sidetracked” but i choose to call it multitasking.  this year, I had every intention making my own Christmas Card templates but time, she is not on my side.  with all that is going on right now, i decided to enlist the expertise of one of  the most awesome designer i could find.  and for once, i didn’t take my sweet time.  jamie schultz designs always has me drooling over her latest products and this Christmas, her cards are perfection.  In my efforts to lure you into getting your mini session spaces saved, I want to preview the card options for you!  There will be five more sets of these gorgeous cards, all with totally different styles, for me to share with you this week so please keep checking back!