spreading thin

by Amy

i don’t make resolutions.  but i am very good at spreading myself too thin.

january comes around and i resolve not to resolve anything.  january is this magical month that comes with feelings of newness and fresh starts.  i am all about bettering ones self and starting over again but i just know me.  i know that i start strong and finish weak.  i know that i get all amped up and ridiculously overly excited about something but then my adhd kicks in around january 19th or february 3rd.  either i forget a few days or forget my motivation.  i don’t know what it is but i backslide and then, i don’t know what else to do so i just throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying “ay-o i’m a fail-yo”!  see?  adhd.

but then all these people, who apparently love to resolve cool things, come up with…cool things.  and i want to play with them.  i want to memorize scripture for a year!  i want to take a picture every day of the year!  i want to challenge myself weekly as a photographer!  i want to work out three times a week!  sike on that last one but still.  i get all caught up in these fun things and then i get all too busy.

but it isn’t january 19th yet.  i haven’t broke out in song and thrown anything.  this year is still fresh and new and awesome.  i thought a photo-a-day project sounded fun and it doesn’t require a certain type of camera so i can swing with instagrams most every day.  but some days, i have this idea and the iphone just won’t cut it.

wait, what?!  you want to play to?  check out Project Life 365 and get crackin!  it’s super fun.  and i would love to see what you come up with!!  follow me on instagram under @amybphotography and see the other 365s i have shot and will continue to shoot for the foreseeable future.

so today, for #projectlife365 the challenge is #signature.

these little signatures can be found all over my life.  they are my favorite.