so...this family

by Amy

sometimes i wonder if you guys, my dear readers, get sick of the sappy stories i write about my clients.  if you think i might make it all up, just to fill spaces in between photos.  well, do you know what i get sick of?  falling in love with the most amazing people all the time.  seriously?!  how do i get so lucky as to have friends turned photography subjects (and vise versa) that are just so dang awesome?!  did you know all these things i tell you are real truth?  i kinda feel like it’s my duty to introduce amazing people (like these guys) to the rest of you.  you really should always know amazing people.

like this family…

it begins here.  with two people who look upon everyone around them, as if there is hardly a negative quality in them.  in fact, i remember feeling so embarrassed in front of shane one of the first times i met him.  i was complaining about some situation (that must have been of the utmost importance since i can’t even remember what it was) that involved another person.  like a customer service type issue.  shane kind of side smiled, shrugged his shoulders and reminded me that maybe i didn’t know what the other person was dealing with that day.

dang.  that will put you in your place.  and also make you feel very good about the company you keep.

and i love their love.  she is forever doting on him.  how handsome he is, how good he is at everything he does and how well he cares for her.  and he is forever fiercely protective of her.  her safety, her feelings, her joy…he’s got this and he will make sure his fraulein has only the best.

well these two people went and had two children.  that handsome feller on the left there?  that’s drake.  he’s got this adorable little love named rebecca, with whom i instantly fell in love with.  she’s all sarcastic and pinky swears and artistic.  he’s all quiet and funny and keeps me on toes.  they are kinda rad.  and so stinking cute together!

the other fantastic child?  it’s this gorgeous girl here.  being friends with her mom, i got to hear aaaaaaaaaall about her before i even met her.  but in a good way.  the beautiful way christy speaks about her daughter created this affection and love for devin that i was surprised to feel even before we hugged for the first time.  not many people can make you feel that way about another person, you know?

devin was all that her mom bragged about and more.  so funny, so thoughtful and so wonderful with anyone around her.  she just makes people feel good.  i wonder where on earth she got that quality from? [note sarcasm]

you are probably wondering who the mysterious beauty is, standing with the amazing family i told you about.  meet jen.  christy was pregnant with devin at the same time as jen’s mom was pregnant with her.  devin and jen have been the best of buddies literally since birth.  jen flew all the way out to germany to spend a few weeks touring europe with the family on their final trip before moving back to the states.  oh, by the way, jen is phenomenal.  nothing but laughter from the moment i met her.  laid back, hilarious and always down for an adventure.  of course they consider her family!

i feel like i need to talk about christy for a minute.  i feel like you need to know her better.  you probably need to know that she friended me on facebook before we even met.  and she was insistent that i do all sorts of things with her…things like book club and glamping and seeing twiglight.  and you know what?  i hate most of those things, but with christy?  they were somehow fun!  [sidenote: i skipped twiglight and glamping.  you need to know that]

you should probably also know about this amazing talent that she has.  remember how i told you about her seeing the good in everyone?  well, she has like a million friends and she does this crazy thing where she brings them all together and then [gasp] they all magically like each other!  after watching her for a while (get your pens ready to take notes) i see how she talks person A up to person B, who isn’t in the room/conversation but is near by.  person A eventually walks up to person B, christy introduces them, does some more awesome talking up, and so, at this point, everyone is feeling really good about themselves and their company.  christy makes her exit, and person A chats with person B so long, they forget that it was a set up and BOOM, they’ve made plans for the following week.  magic!  pure magic that christy is!  and it isn’t just for show or to back out of the conversation!  she really thinks the things she says!

but all tricks aside, she is a wonderfully funny, ridiculously loyal and a wickedly amazing friend.  the kind that brings you food in the hospital, takes your kids for the evening and drops off gifts on your front door when she knows you are having a bad day.  so let’s not talk about how she is moving away in just a few short days.  [sniff sniff]  let’s just not.

can’t you just feel the love in this family?  gah?!  goosebumps…

thank you, sweet revels family.  thank you for always making me feel like i am the most important person you know.  thank you for including me in your dinners, your events and your home.  thank you for your overwhelmingly loving gestures towards my family and me.  thank you for loving my kids and showing me what grown up family love looks like.  you guys are amazing and i can only dream about the amazing adventures we will have together in the future!  love you all!  [couldn’t possibly use amazing less]

special thanks to Lily Mengel for her mad make-up skills!  follow her on instagram @lilymakemeup or contact me for her info if you are in need of a make up artist in the stuttgart area!