sleeping babe

by Amy

what is it about sleeping babies?  is it just me?  i just can’t get enough of him.

i have been challenging myself to take a picture every day.  just one, of something…anything that has to do with our daily lives.  i can’t seem to also post them to share with the world but i am waiting for uploads and downloads and order completion and return phone calls and emails and transfers and…zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  boring.  i know.  but i am in the waiting place, just like dr suess said i would be.  so i post pictures while i wait.

and stare at my sleeping baby.

and notice (thanks to this last image) that i left a bib on the floor next to his crib.

that’s life.  and i plan to enjoy it in my once-a-day challenges.

SIDE NOTE:  this gorgeous blanket was handmade by my dear and loving friend angie startin.  i wish i could hug her everytime i pull it out to use it.  that would be a ton of hugs.  thank ang!