sheer elegance

by Amy

day two of trying my darndest to entice you into using your amy b photography images with the 2011 christmas card line up!  this collection from jamie schultz designs is called sheer elegance and is nothing short of just that.  i received my sample sets in the mail so you can actually touch and see the samples first your mini session of course!

please remember that all the images of the cards are interchangable.  if you see the front of one card that you like but wish for the back of another, it is totally doable.  as long as i think they go together well and  it won’t represent your style poorly [reality =you don’t know how to match things up and i am saving you from sending out an embarassing card] you can pair up whatever you like.  😉

see anything you like so far?  would love a comment on your favorite card or set!