shea part two

by Amy

they met in college at western thanks to a mutual friend group.  four years later, they ran in to each other again, this time at a wine tasting in walla walla.  then, just three days later, in portland for two random reasons, two beautiful people ran in to each other all over again.  one was in powell’s book store and saw the other walking by outside the window.  one had two tickets (and no one to go with) to a concert that night while the other held a newspaper clipping with that same concert circled to attend…and no tickets.  with a whole day to spend together, identical interests in the daily plans and a twinkle in their eyes, it all began.

it. was. love.  it took a one point five years of long distance dating before they were finally in the same city but now…nothing can separate them.

they are a love story like no others.  they are true love.  it was inspiring to be in the shea presence and i am forever touched by their kindness and open arms.  congrats connor and lauren.  i can’t wait to see the amazing things that your union will bring.

click here to view the slideshow of more images from their beautiful wedding.