see me float

by Amy

mister man was high on my list of people i couldn’t wait to photograph.  after slight facebook peeking, i knew he was drop-dead handsome and that i needed his yummy little smile!  he did not disappoint.

the same went for little miss.  knowing of her affinity for jumping, we made sure to do a lot of this during our session.  or as she called it…floating.  yeah for an awesome mommy and daddy that didn’t mind her getting some seattle rain puddle on her clothes!

we wandered around the market area in seattle and just explored or played the entire time.  little miss was so sweet to me, holding my hand and even letting me pick her up and squeeze her a few times!  she has lots to say and plenty of energy to go around.

mister man did so good the entire time.  it was nearing his nap time but that little smile and his adorable chatter just didn’t quit…and i took it all in!  he was such a flirt too!  yee dawgie is he going to be a ladies man!  watch out now, all my 4 and under readers!

those little fingers in her mouth?  that means she is excited!  how can you not be playing peek-a-boo around a huge yellow-leafed tree in the middle of seattle?  she would hide and so would i.  she would peek and so would i.  she would giggle and…well…of course i would.  those are the best kind of games.

mommy and daddy were not only amazingly awesome at just letting the kids have fun but they were just fun too!  mama loved on mister man and oohed over the leaves overhead with him while sister played MORE games around the feet of daddy.  it warms my heart to no end when i see parents all twitterpated over their little people the way these two parents were.

thank you family for letting me play with you on that blustery fall morning!  little miss…i will have to get your advice on making the most of my jumping, not to mention the locations for killer boots like you have.  and mister man?  you are one today!!!!  happy birthday and thank you for letting me gaze into your handsome eyes, watch you stand all by yourself for the very first time and for sharing your sweet little tongue-sticky-outtie smiles with me.  what sunshine you bring to a grey day and how you make my heart just float!