by Amy

We went sailing.  As a family.  Lately it seems that we have so many things to do but none of it is really together.  You know…we are in the same place but we aren't really hanging out and enjoying each others company.  I didn't really see it until we were out on a 25' sail boat…together.  It was nice.  Real nice.

This is Mr. Ballard.  He is my husband and I am his wife.  It is hard to believe sometimes that I am married to a man this handsome.  And rugged.  He is such a man.  He fixes things like cars and broken lawn mowers.  He gets covered with grease and collects lots of dirt under his nails.  His tool box is like his toy box.  If something needs done around the house, he may not know how to do it but he will learn…and do it right.  He flies helicopters and eats really well with chopsticks.  I could not be more in love with him.

Ethan did not like sailing very much.  At 19 months, walking is still somewhat of a chore so trying to utilize his sea legs was not enjoyable to him.  There were multiple attempts to throw himself overboard.  There is no feeling quite like the one you get when you  think your child is going to swan dive in to the Puget Sound at any minute.  

She wasn't excited about "sitting on a boat for hours with no toys and nothing to look at".  Resisting the urge to roll my eyes at her and tell her something sarcastic, I told her to just wait and see how cool sailing would be.  Thank goodness there were dolphins and jellyfish and cruise ships and tiny boat utensils to keep her entertained.  And that rope.  She sat their quietly murmuring to herself as she toyed with the rope and we were happy she was happy.  In the rush of trying to get the sails pulled in, we realized what a masterpiece she had created with those ropes.  Sorry Cap'n Wes.

Corbin is more of an independent lad.  While his sister put boyscouts to shame, he quietly dipped a single rope in and out of the water.  He let the spray off the bow of the boat keep him cool in the warm evening sun.  He was content.  A true man of the sea.

Blue skies.  White Sails.

Thank you Cap'n Wes.  You are constantly a part of our greatest memories.