reflecting green

by Amy

i have a sweet tooth.  scratch that…all my teeth are sweet teeth.  i can’t resist them so i don’t buy them.  i have been known to clear an entire pan of brownies, all thirteen by nine inches if we need to be specific.  mix boxes can’t even rent space in my pantry due to my robotic like habit of just making them and eating them.  it’s bad.  real bad, this sweet tooth thing.

i also take pictures of lots of things through out my day.  silly stuff that catches my eye.

as i munch on my hershey bar valentines day gift (thank you marci) and scroll through my photo files, i am surprised to see a lot of green.  maybe i have healthy teeth too?

yeah…i have a sweet tooth…but i am balanced.  ask that avacado and tomato i ate today.  but don’t ask my gramma.  😉