purple & gold

by Amy

it all started at u dub.  university of washington if you aren't familiar.  they met here…brad and jessica did.  just some casual greeting in the hall and bam…now they are gettin' hitched.  at u dub.  see…they were meant to meet and get married here.  the school was even designed for them.  j and b above their heads in every sort of perfection.  yup…perfection.

isn't she the hottest biology teacher you have ever seen?  jessica is always beautiful but on her wedding day, not only was she stunning but all of a sudden, she had this magic "work-it" power.  and booooooooooy did she use it.

brad informed me as we met to start the day that he wasn't nervous.  while i may have only met brad less than three times, this smile tells me everything.  as jessica walked up behind him for their "first look" i though brad might explode with sheer anticipation.  love love love that.

it is always so cute to watch couples as they get their "formal pictures" taken.  some seemed to have stepped off the curb from the tyra banks school of work it while others want me to tell them every move.  these two…they giggle.  that was no where on my spectrum of options but oh how i love the moments they created.  brad tried hard to look serious or curve the corners of his lips up or stare off in to space just right but really…he just wanted to look at jessica and giggle like a little boy with a crush.  that is way better than any modeling degree.

jessica was super excited to marry brad.  you really can't even tell that in this picture though.  did you know that brad proposed to jessica on splash mountain?  you know…in disney land.  yeah, on it, right before the part where you scream.  if that isn't one of the best ways to start a happy lifetime together, i don't know what is.  i can see why she is super excited.

it was a simple and beautiful u dub themed wedding.   purple and gold abounded and jessica did an excellent job with all the details.  simple and fantastic.

see?  isn't she fierce?!  and patient for letting me take a million pictures of her in direct sunlight on one of the warmest days seattle has seen so far?  work it jess…work it.

and brad…he is not one to enjoy a photo shoot.  not to mention a photo shoot that lasts hours.  or that he has to be doing one in a tie.  but he was such a good sport.  and made us all giggle.  and even thanked me in written format after the wedding.  jess….you done good.  keep that fella around.

 congrats you two love birds.  thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  thank you for being so much fun.  thank you for wearing bright purple shoes jess.  thanks for giving me your best non frown brad.  you two have a blast in disney world (so fitting for them right?!) and never stop giggling.