plus ford makes four

by Amy

kid’s got some hair!  isn’t it awesome?  meet Ford.  he is the baby brother of the famous Cole (remember him at five months?  or his one year party?  or his Christmas photos?) and he called me down for a visit just over a week after his arrival.  i tried to take him home in my carry on but his mama wouldn’t stop kissing him long enough to release him.  he is so sweet!  and i was lucky enough to spend a whole day with him!

such a good daddy.  reading to his boys while his lovely wife got ready.  i decided he should do voice overs in his spare time!

not being from the area, i was unsure of where to head for photos.  taylor and cole made it very easy to just snap the moments.  they are full of moments.  i love the freestyle walking in front of the sign “no stopping”!

cole doesn’t want his picture taken.  but he does want to play.  so that is exactly what we did.  they played and i followed them like a super creep.  their fun was so contagious my face hurt at the end of the day from intense smiling.

daddy and cole really love to play.  as i was taking these pictures, i was imagining cole, older and teenagerish and flipping through photos of his youth.  i hope he feels that overflowing love every time he sees these images.  taylor is an amazing father and i am so thankful to witness how he loves his boys.

cole loves yo gabba gabba and was happy to put on a concert in the park(ing lot) for me.  love his little face!

nothing but laughs out of these people.  cole is super smart and pretty bossy so it made for some seriously good reasons to cut up.  he ended up telling us all what we were to do.  watch out world!

i highly admire taylor and rifka’s love for each other.  when she does something ridiculous, he tells her how cute she is.  when he does something awesome she thanks him.  they kiss and flirt and grab each other’s butts and it is adorable.  almost ten years and still setting an awesome example of love and commitment!

gramma and g-pa stopped by for a visit after cole went down for a nap.  just in time for special time with ford.  they are quite smitten with him.  can’t tell can you?!

rifka is an amazing mother.  she recently left work, taking a financial sacrifice just to be home for them.  she spends her days playing, crafting and cuddling her boys and it doesn’t seem that she could be any happier than in those moments.  i take notes.

thank you guys.  thank you for loving me enough to stalk me and send care packages and invite me down to your home all the time.  thank you for making it so easy to capture such special memories and for making me laugh so hard i get an ab workout.  thank you cole, for dancing in the kitchen with me and for telling me where to stand when i take pictures.  thank you for your realness and your sweet chatter and sharing your donut sprinkle with me after you sneezed it out.  thank you ford, for letting me cuddle you and kiss your sweet cheeks and take a million pictures of you.  and play with your hair.  i know i couldn’t stop but you were a real sport.  thank you taylor, for your constant compliments and questions and support of my little business.  thanks for loving your family with such true, whole-hearted, unabashed loved.  they are so blessed by you!  and rifka…oh sweet rifka.  i cherish how our friendship has grown in the last three years!  i love our phone calls and texts and finding small ways you have stalked me…it makes me feel very special and very loved!  you are so dear to me and i am so thankful you choose me (lil ol me) to be the one to photograph your family!  thank you!  until next time…