PL Italy - day one

by Amy

sometimes, we forget to do things with the wonderful images we capture.  sometimes, we hang them up on walls and sometimes we just keep them in our phone until we run out of storage.  call me morbid but, what happens after i have left this world?  what happens to all the memories of our times together?

sometimes, i stay up really late, after all the kids go to sleep.  i watch the latest tv series that i am hooked on (currently Parenthood season 2), enjoy a cold drink alongside a sweet treat, call my friends and just basically play.  i make things with our memories.  because my kids will have their own memories of our trips…or they won’t have any.

but this way, i can help.  help share a new view point, recreate the story of their own that was missing pieces or even help the littlest ones remember what they can’t.

i use our photos.  you should too.  because when it’s done…it’s there for them to see.  to retell.  to relive.

sometimes, it’s worth it to take the time.

left side layout.  i included a map of our four day weekend roadtrip, to show where all we went.  my photos are a mix of iphone and nikon d800.  my supplies are mostly from studio calico kits and my inspiration comes from so many others who share their PL pages.  thought i should post these to maybe share the wealth?

right side details.  some people do a week per layout and i usually do as well.  but for this trip, I decided to break it down into locations.  also, i swear i am not a stalker.  i was told by friends that george lived on the lake and jokingly lead my family out to the closest large home we could see, claiming it was his.  turns out, it was.  oops!  but still a good story.  i feel like such paparazzi!

i love being able to use so many fun supplies!  i love texture and color and designing it just the way i want.  i had a bit of fun with these arrows.  and i don’t hate it!  😉

to learn more about Project Life, check out Becky Higgins amazing ideas here.  i mostly shop from the following sites for my goodies:

Studio Calico for the PL Kit and the Add-On’s they release each month.  LOVE them!  Each kit includes EVERYTHING you will need to make a month’s worth of pages for your PL album.  I also love all their digital print pages with bits to cut up and apply to your pages.  (there are ton of free printable sheets on there so grab those while you look!)

Cocoa Daisy for the monthly PL Kit – Similar to the SC kits and offer high quality cards and products.  I love the sheen they use on their cards.

Freckled Fawn for the monthly kit – This is an embellishment kit and doesn’t include cards BUT they do include the CUTEST little things to add to your layouts!  No matter what I am creating, there is ALWAYS a FF item on it somewhere!!

Paislee Press and One Little Bird at the Lilypad.  These are all digital files that you can use to enhance photos or print out and apply.  Or, if you love to do it all on your computer, they make amazing products to do just that!

Make it as simple or as detailed as you want!  Just have fun at it!