perfect storm

by Amy

life is chaos right now.

it feels like it is sitting in piles to be sold or moved.

it feels like a mish mash of all the food people only wanted one bite of.  like a lesson in creative cooking with only half a bottle of teriyaki sauce, artichoke hearts and some bottom-of-the-bag cereal.

it feels like early rising, long days, and late nights of sorting through the back of drawers that rarely see the light of day.

it feels like regret over stuff purchased that we didn’t need.  and joy over the feeling of being forced to simplify.

it feels hectic.  really hectic.

like forgotten emails and missed calls and lingering text messages and unopened mail.  that kind of hectic.

but in the middle of it all…we are still us.  we are still a loud group of six people in a variety of sizes.  we are a team.  a team of what looks like the last picked in dodge ball but we are still a team.  and we are doing the best we can in the middle of this lovely storm.

and just because it is psycho outside….there is still warmth within.

i may have to have the tv on a little longer and i may have to entertain my baby while i sort through piles of paperwork and simultaneously play peek-a-boo (with him.  not the paper.  don’t be stupid) through the scratchy walls of a playpen.  but that is life today.  this week.  these next couple months.

and i am still in love with it.

ps.  no children were harmed in the making of this move.  do not judge me!  they do not watch tv all day.  they get to do fun stuff like empty piggy banks and count how much money they have.  or take batteries out of all their toys.  or sort hot wheels.  or use flash lights to find fun treasures in small spaces.  or empty soap dispensers.  all the things the kids WISH they could do on their own time.  they have been AWESOME helpers.  and this moving thing…the thing that is stressful and common to our life and stressful…i am finding new joy in it as we include our kids.  as they help and learn what it really takes to move our family AND still love each other in the end.  but a tv distraction is also a welcome  break!  😉