papa's love

by Amy

mr ballard will hate me for this but i have to tell you…when i first met him, he kinda maybe sorta had hopes to be a model.  not full time or anything, just something to make some side money and show off his good looks. not wanting to squash his dreams or make him feel like it was a silly idea, i never said anything but just chuckled inside.  i used to think his requests for head-shots were cute, like maybe he was just finding a way to chat/spend time with me.  i guess i will never know but either way, i have found new appreciation in this ten year old memory.

every time i pick up the camera, i am always amazed at how effortlessly capturing moments is with him.  he knows how to position himself, he waits patiently, he doesn’t look at me wondering what i am doing or try and chat about how he should be…he just is naturally awesome in front of the lens.  of course, this is invaluable to me.  and that whole “model” thang…i am feeling pretty thankful that he gets to be my full time muse.

aaaaaaand an outtake.  while he has his tender moments with his kids…this is the real him.  love.