overflow of the heart

by Amy

first we met at a garage sale.  me hocking my junk and her (and her adorable children) telling me about her husband in the military.  we had something in common.  well…we had three little people roughly the same ages and we had each had a mister in the same line of work.  i liked her already.

then she flagged me down as i was headed out to run errands.  a drive-by booking if you will.  i like her even more.  it doesn’t help that she is darn near the sweetest person i have ever met…or that her kids are stinkin adorable.  or that i loved seeing how her and her husband interact so sweetly…what is there not to love about this family?

daddy has to be gone at times but it was clear that when he was home, he was all about them.  i could tell he was one of those good daddies that plays silly wrestling games with his kids, is a gentlemen to his girls, shows his son how to be a man and loves his wife…sometimes quiet but always strong for his family.

little miss was nothing but laughs.  she was posing and setting up funny scenes and just basically a photographers dream.

mr man didn’t seem to like me very much.  it’s ok…that happens and i am sure some gangly, curly haired woman pointing a large, black, clicking device at you is quite unsettling.  but he warmed up as our time went on.  daddy helped me convince him of a fox jumping around in the trees overhead and sister even had some awesome tricks up her sleeve to get him snickering.  love to see big sisters take charge and little brothers follow the example!

it was almost like we were old friends, walking around the lake together and sharing in the kids excitement.  i wanted to hang out with them more…to have playdates and picnics and introduce my husband to her husband so we could all be friends.  you know, that kind of set up.  i liked them.  they were fun and relaxed and content to just play while i snapped away.  comforting really.  especially on this beautiful fall day.

i know i already posted this one but it had to be done again.  this is the perfect example of the awesome mother that dana is.  she is one of those beautiful women that finds ultimate joy in her children.  she chooses time with them over chores or exhibits extreme patience at difficult moments.  she smiles.  a lot.  with them, at them, for them…she smiles and you can tell it truly is the overflow of her heart.  you can just feel that she loves to be their mommy.  it is a blessing just to watch her as she humbly interacts with her children.  it makes me want to take notes and try to apply it to my own family.

what a beautiful family.  not only in photo but in heart and word and deed.  thank you for letting me spend a beautiful fall evening with you.  i can’t wait to see you again, to have our kids play together (way before nap time sounds best!)  and i am so thankful you stopped by my garage sale.