on island time

by Amy

he brought her most favorite cookies for her to snack on pre-wedding.  he loves her like that.  he called her “my darling” and she lit up from the sound.  she pretended to gag everytime something sweet or sappy was said but deep down, i think she loved it.

this place?  it was important.  built by her family, with love.  a place they had been back to where so many milestones of the building blocks of their history were set in place.  it was warm and inviting and filled with their people and their story.

they didn’t want to see each other before the wedding.  wait.  scratch that.   HE didn’t want to see her until she graced the aisle to take his arm.  she on the other hand…couldn’t wait for a peek.

they met underneath the tree out front of the house where they were to be wed.  she held his hand, hugged him and teased him in every possible way she could.  will stayed strong and fought the force.

it was really fun to mess with will this whole time!  we got to play with them and a few fun images in two different spots as she kept herself hidden from him.  will named it the “peek-a-boo” session and i think that is going to stick with me!

the wedding, being on an island, made for some last minute changes and delays.  with a long ferry delay (over three hours), guest and vendors made it there as quickly as they could but things were set back.  the best part?  how people took it.  weddings are stressful and rushed and full of details that feel like they must happen.  but at this wedding, it was filled with patience and prayers for the anxious and “whatever will work” and…joyful flexibility.  such a welcome sight and such an awesome way to start the day.

her daddy gave her away.  in the backyard of the family home, under the shade of driftwood arbor, surrounded by people they love.  american flags clapped in the wind, osprey dove into bay just beyond the yard and will and erica were wed.

there was crying.  there was laughter.  there were jokes from erica and hidden streams of tears from will.  a short ceremony but so full sniffly giggles!

mr and mrs reagan!

family photos took place on the beach of the bay in the setting of the sun.  everyone was so relaxed, so full of laughter and so easy to pose!  while i worked on each family grouping, my amazing and talented associate photographer, mandy of amanda kay photography, captured the behind the scenes moments like the one on the right of erica’s parents.  love having a second shooter that knows exactly where to turn to find truly meaningful moments.

such a gorgeous wedding party!

will and erica were introduced to each other via erica’s sister, amy.  in fact, she brought us all together as she was the one who recommended me to them!  i would love to go into the story of how i met amy and how i couldn’t wait to work with her sister but, i can nearly feel erica rolling her eyes at me!  i will just put it this way…i knew i was going to adore this family before they even hired me!

amazing hors d’oeuvres were made and served by the crew from the midnight kitchen.  i wanted to just set down my camera and eat myself silly but it is frowned upon for some reason.

the reception was help in a huge white tent (thanks to alexander party rentals) , across the street from the beach house.  every table was perfectly set with hand crocheted pouches of chocolate and a potted herb for each guest to take home.  while the lovely couple and i wandered the area for sunset images, the guests were wined and dined and serenaded under the canopy of white.

everything, even that large, over-turned stump…had meaning in their day.  erica has had her picture taken in front of it since circa ten years old.  and now the next chapter of photos shall begin…

erica plays/played the violin at one time in her life.  she replied to a craigslist ad in need of her talent and joined up with the band Boy and Bean.  i fell in love with them the minute they walked in the door.  so swanky and so talented.  i want them to come join me in my kitchen every night as i make dinner and swirl a glass of wine around.  wait?  who am i kidding?  i don’t make dinner!  but you get the point.

dancing and toasting and laughter ensued.  the congratulatory speeches were hilarious and meaningful, the dancing was adorable and it was total fun in every direction.

will and erica?  thank you.  i loved getting to know you both better over our many pre-wedding dates over fried zucchini sticks.  watching will gaze lovingly in erica’s direction while she laughed her way through our conversation.  i loved how you two were so easy going and relaxed, especially as the little things took a different twist on the big day.  thank you for being in the moment and making it so easy to capture the real yous!  thank you for your great ideas, your attention to detail and your welcoming us in to every moment of your wedding and lives.  it was such an honor to photograph your wedding and be in the presence of all your lovely people!  see you guys soon!!  shall we say mama’s again?

Location: Private Residence on Whidbey Island, WA

Wedding Coordinators:  the lovely Kelley Knight, her awesome assistant Shawna and the Whidbey specialist, Rae Claybourne

Catering:  The Midnight Kitchen (amazing food and staff!  wait?   did I mention they were amazing?!)

Live Band:  Boy and Bean

Hair & Make up:  La Salon Bella in Langley WA

Florist:  Rae Claybourne

DJ:  Nick Styles from Mix Patrol

Party Rental Supply: (amazing staff and supplies!) Alexander Party Rentals