on creating things...

by Amy

there is a love in me to create things.  beautiful things.  it doesn’t matter the medium, i find such joy and accomplishment in making lovely things for myself and others to enjoy.  the presentation of food, the warmth and comfort created in a home space or the wrapping of a well thought out gift…i love it all.

my dad used to tell me that he could notice a difference in me when i didn’t create.  when time would go by and i had created nothing, there would just be something off.

he says i got it from him.

thanks dad.   of all the joys in life we share, it is one of my favorites.

i also love stories.  the stories of other people, the story of my people and that area of make believe that so excites the imagination.  my shelves are lined with books, my journal is filled with retellings and my method of teaching and raising my children often goes to an anecdotal example.

while i am a recovering paper craft addict, i have found a love of all things paper that allows me to tell our story but not spend 10 hours and four thousand dollars on one page of memories.

project life.

if you have spent any period of time with me, you know i take photos of everything.  because i love our story.  and i want our kids to remember their story.  and because these moments can be so fleeting, our story on paper…it gives me something to hold tight to as the years rush past.

i have attempted to do this for so many years and never have finished a complete book.  can’t say i will be able to finish this years.  but i have high hopes (and a ton of wooden embellishments on hand, just in case!)

i am starting here.  glue in my hair, heart stickers stuck to my butt and ink on my fingers…making a beautiful thing that tells the story of us.

image credit: Inglin Photography

products from Studio Calico, Project Life Jade Kit, Map from HappyPlaceArt on Etsy and PaperTrey Ink.