oh darling...let's be adventurers

by Amy

©Amy B Photography 2015

It’s time for us to move again!  While we have absolutely LOVED our time here in Germany, the job needs us elsewhere.  And so….we are off…

TO KOREA!  South.  In case you lost your marbles or haven’t seen the news.  Ever.

That is right! Come the end of this summer, we will be off to learning how to live, work, and school in Seoul South Korea!  As we shlep our children all over the earth, we wanted to make sure to reveal the big news to them in a fun, hopefully memorable way.  I was a bit scared of how they would take it as they all really wanted to be back in the states and close to family but, I think they were just a little excited.

I gave each of the children a photo hint of where we would be living next.  Littlest got Psy from the song Gangnam Style.  Caelan knew instantly where we were going off just that one clue.

©Amy B Photography 2015

Ethan got the map because of his obsession with maps.  Now big Sis and big Bro knew!

©Amy B Photography 2015

Caelan was so excited she went all big-foot-footage in my photo!  Corbin got the flag and she got some written out Hangul (the language) saying “we are moving to Korea”.  At least I think that is what it said.  If you can read it and I totally messed it up, please tell me.  If it’s a swear word…[giggle] I swear I didn’t mean to!

You can watch the video here.  Side note: Do I always have that voice?!  Where on earth does my daughter get her bossy nature?!  Corbin…just Corbin when he shares his guess.  And watch out for Mr Ballard…he’s got those moves legit!

This was the song we blasted and danced to after the big reveal!  Man…Korea knows how to have a concert eh?!

There are so many unknowns still but I did want to at least share our news and some fun stuff about our soon-to-be home for the next few years.

Want to get a feel for the amazing city we will be living in?  Check this video out!  Currently on my to-do:  learn how to walk that fast.

I created a Pinterest Board of all the things I want to find in Korea.  It’s like I kinda set up a scavenger hunt…for myself.  You can check it out here.

Pinterest Screen Shot

So friends and family?  Start planning your trips out to see us!  I know that South Korea is not probably even in your top 100 countries to visit but…well……..I really have no solution.  We are SO stoked to explore that side of the earth and IF you want to, we would love to have you!

We will be visiting Washington from May to July so I hope to see some of you then, before we head off on our next joyride!

Now please excuse me while I go listen to Korean language discs and sell off half of our household so we can fit in a tiny little Korean high rise apartment!  Let’s be adventurers!!!

©Amy B Photography 2015