of the greats

by Amy

the night before cowboy cole's birthday party, his dear family invited me to join them for dinner.  seriously.  how kind is that?  when my awesome clients/friends open themselves up to me, the crazy photographer who is barely housetrained, it really allows me to get images of them in the most intimate and loving of times.  which is exactly what friday night was.

he is advertising his age.  he can pull it off.  even without pants on…he is clearly workin it.  i am pretty certain if i wore a pink onesie with a 29 on it, sans pants, i would be egged.

auntie ashley.  she is the perfect auntie too.  loves loves loves her nephew, can always make him giggle and has lots of fun things like long gold necklaces to chew and drool on.  for cole.  of course.

and do his gramma's ever looooooooooove him?!  

    thank you for allowing me some time with your family, not only at the party but the night before.  you guys were a hoot and i enjoyed every minute of getting to know each and every one of you!  i adore that you just squeezed me right in…like i had been there all along!  thank you.