nothing sweeter than this

by Amy

ten years ago, we met on a photography expedition to costa rica.  for a few weeks, we were roommates as we traveled the country.  sharing cold grape fanta’s, meeting tribes of people who were afraid of our cameras and trying to keep our 100+ rolls of film from getting too damp.  lindsey was an awesome travel buddy and we had good intentions of keeping up but life just happened.  ten years later, (thank you facebook for the reconnection) we are both married ol’ broads with children of our own.  man oh man…it was good to see her again!

people carry certain characteristics that seem to burn an imprint in your mind.  lindsey had the softest and sweetest voice with matching words to follow.  her beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes were the envy of every person she met and her laughter was totally enchanting.  her children clearly follow right in her foot steps.

angel kisses.  that is what my kids and i call them.  freckles aren’t just dots on your face…angels kissed you there and it left a mark.  big sister’s were nothing short of mesmerizing.

not only does lindsey have a love for photography and a set of beautiful children but she also has a really fashionable sense of style.  her house, her and the kids clothes, the props…she had it all planned out and it was like a photographers dream.

immeasurable joy sprang from big sis.  it infected you.  it made climbing trees simple irresistable, playing hide-n-seek a must and an indoor picnic the highlight of my week.  she’s got some magic in her laugh.  the kind you want to just bottle up a bit and use as necessary.

sweet toes just back porch sittin’

big sis wore daddy’s boots from his childhood.  mama?!  you are so good with the nostalgic props!  and i am a bit jealous of how fashionable a childhood you and your husband had.

like i said, with the props…she had it all lined up.  how sweet that her little man is resting in her baby crib?

such a sweet little man.  so happy all the time.  so cuddly i didn’t want to put him down.  just so darn adorable.  and those two little bottom teeth…

what a joy to reunite with an old friend.  what a joy her children are.  thank you lindsey, for allowing me to snack on frozen grapes and cheesy puffs at our morning indoor picnic.  thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture those angel kisses and family treasures.  and thank you for passing on to your children, all those things that make you so wonderful.  i can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks!