by Amy

here’s the deal.  i am not legal to run my photography business here in germany nor do i plan on attempting to be so anytime in the near future.  instead, i am soaking up the moments of life with my family as we live in and explore europe.  this time off gives me many, many minutes to focus on being a wife and mother and homeschooler and friend and housekeeper and book reader and bike rider and road tripper and chef and and and …

photography is still my dear love.  i still carry my camera with me every.where and i still look for all sorts of beautiful things to photograph or stories to tell.  in this season, at this stage, i photograph life.

and because life is no longer filled with clients, styled shoots and bouquet tosses, i photograph the things going on around me.  it may be exciting, it may be boring, it may inspire you to clean the water spots off your shower or make a yummy cake!

so if you have only come here to see pretty faces, chubby babies or inspiring weddings, i hope you won’t leave me during this professional intermission.  please keep coming to see pictures of real life.   messes and learning and adventures and maybe a random shoot done for dear friends…but please keep coming back.  i like you here.

so for my first [possibly] boring post, i thought we should check out how to get the water spots out of your shower.  gotta be honest…this was SO stinking awesome to discover that i did a backflip in my imagination.  thank you pinterest!  water spots on shower doors bother me ONLY because i can’t get them to go away.  i am really stubborn so when i feel like the spots are winning, i honestly contemplate just buying a new door to be able to claim victory.

not now!  a half a lemon, some kosher salt and a bit of elbow grease (not sold in stores) gets you some radically clean, like-new glass shower doors.

i am good with step-by-step instructions.  you too?

1.  cut lemon in half.  set one down in a place where your children won’t give it to the baby to “see what happens”.  on video.  and then shared on youtube.

2.  sprinkle the thick, coarse kosher salt on the half of the lemon that your baby didn’t lick.  by sprinkle, i mean let it rain.

3.  take the salted lemon and apply it, face down, to the side of your shower with those stubborn water spots.  yup…that had to be clarified.

4.  rub the salted lemon in a circular motion in one small spot of the shower door for about 10-20 seconds.

5.  wash off the lemon juice salt mess you just created (there is a shower head directly above you) just for fun.

6.  relish that exhilarating feeling of seeing that the spots are gone in the area your just attacked.

7.  repeat steps 4 through 6 until your arm is cramped and your shower door is without spot.

8.  take the other half of the lemon, rinse off the baby slobber and drop a slice in your hefeweizen or squeeze it on some grilled salmon.  unless your shower was so horrific that you had to use both halves of the lemon.

9.  sit on the toilet and stare at your amazing success story.

10.  demand anyone who crosses your threshold to immediately view your art work.

11.  pin this.  spread the word and together, we can stop shower spots around the world.

see the difference?!  yeah.  awesome.

and to keep your shower door spotless for longer, you can…

a.   stop showering.

b.  keep pre-salted lemons in your shower, at bay, to attack any spots that appear.

c.  get an inexpensive shower squeegee and train yourself to squeegee off the water after every shower.

answer key: c.  do a little work now so you can save that entire lemon for your enjoyment purposes or natural blonde streaks later.

you’re welcome!

and thank you for sticking with me.  photographing before and afters of shower cleaning is hard work, you know.  😉