no bones about it

by Amy

Homeschooling is a blast.  But it gets even MORE fun when you add in friends and food.  Today…we feasted with some of our favorites!

The kids are learning about bones and the skeleton so we decided to make a fun project to go along with it.  Bonus…we got to eat our work!

The kids worked really hard on creating a skeleton with a new medium; veggies.  They were only allowed to enjoy the flavor after they could recall the components.  This could be used with any program but went along so well with our Classical Conversations work!  If you are working through cycle 3 week 2, I would HIGHLY suggest this fun activity to go along with the memory work!

The finished product!  The girls decided to make a girl with red lips and big hair while the boys made a veggie boy.  I just now noticed how they gave him all the [ahem] proper parts.  Boys…

They were so proud of their work and they actually wanted to eat their creations!  You are what you eat?

I am so thankful my dear friend pointed this cool Pinterest find out to me!  Thanks Char!!!