natural beauty

by Amy

this is leasa.  she is gorgeous…inside and out.  she is witty with the perfect touch of sarcasm and not afraid to ask questions.

no matter where i asked her to go stand as we wandered the streets of tacoma, she just knew how to work it.  “stand on top of that wall” or “kneel next to that odd puddle…but don’t step in it” or “pretend like you smell a fart”…she could handle anything i threw at her.  and it was awesome.

as a lover of all things photography herself, she could totally see the beauty in our surroundings as we meandered through alleys and played the “go right or go left?” game.    and she fit right in.

in between her natural, model-like poses, i got to enjoy her beautiful giggles and constant smile.  it was so easy to be around her as she just made you feel like an old friend.  and she was down for some adventure.  when trying to find a specific spot, we had the choice of safe food joint or sketchy bail bonds places to ask for directions.  i may have been a little too excited to try the bail bonds place but she joined right in and we both got to mark that off as a “first visit to…” on our lists.

a pro at american sign language, she spoke with her sister about outfit changes and which shoes to wear.  or she talked smack about me and told me it was clothing discussion. 😉  nah…she is too sweet for that!  i loved witnessing her silently express her thoughts.

thank you leasa.  thanks for choosing me and for letting me make you stand in weird places and for trusting that i truly would make it to the top of each hill without dying via lack of oxygen.  thank you for trusting lil’ ol me with your senior portraits!  i know you aren’t certain about what you want to be when you grow up yet, but i know that no matter what you do…you will rock it!  [insert really cool sign language hand art here]

location: tacoma washington

make up artist: annastina sobole