my best friend, create

by Amy

“creating” is a strange thing for me.  i crave it.  what i make may be ugly to some or not make sense to others but to make something with my mind, with my hands…it’s my BFF.  and when i do get to make something?  i turn two years old and i pull at my momma’s pant leg, begging for her to “looka dis!” until she smiles and pats my head, proud of my hard work.  it’s no joke, internet.  even when i make a dish (and by “make” I mean turn on and use my oven for something) the feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming.  trust me.  i’ve got a crush on creating.

most of the things i create for my dear friends and family, i am not allowed to show until after the fact.  by then, you know i am too sidetracked by some other shiny object to even remember that i had something fun to share.  my dear fridge magnets alerted me to the fact that i haven’t yet posted a fun little invite i put together for my sweet big girl.  we had a pink pool party for her and this was what we sent out!  i added a few cute pictures, of her in her younger years, on to the back to show how much she has grown.  who knows if she will ever gaze upon this 5×7 love note i wrote to her as she celebrated her 7th birthday…but i sure had fun making it!

letters for “caelan” and numbers over back images, the number 7 (front) and the masking frames on the back are all from  GREAT place to purchase those digital elements to make your own awesome projects!