mr and mrs little bro

by Amy

my little brother got married.  he forced me to go to hawaii.  it was torture.

make up artist: Ari Kaainoa (she was AWESOME and friendly and HIGHLY recommended if you are getting married in Oahu!)

his bride was so beautiful, it was difficult to work with her.  her dress?  to die for…

the men folk busied themselves with beach football and sportscenter while the girls primped.

just for fun, i made my little brother wait for his bride (for their first look) in the blazing hot sun for an extra long time.  we have always picked on him…why skip his wedding day?

she glows!

there is something so special about seeing my little boy brother smile at her.  it is a smile like no other revealing a love like no other.  i could stare at this image all day.

serenaded by a ukele player and standing in an arena or orchids, they said “i do” on the west side of oahu.  it was magical.

again, with that look he gives her [sniffle] i had to wipe away my tears and sniff in my snot.  it was that awesome.

a slight mishap in the traditional laying of the leis.  fixed quickly and made for a good laugh.

they had to kiss as long as the shell sounded.  it was a long stinkin time and of course, they weren’t deterred.  get a room!

this is the image that broke me down.  even got all teary eyed as i was sorting to edit.  love the connection between her and her beautiful mama.

telling you right now, my family doesn’t know how to take a normal photo.  my little bro is definitely the worst of the bunch but still…we are quite the awkward family photo destroyers.

as normal as it got.  someones eyes are closed, someone is doing a boy band pose on the bottom and someone is doing the asian tourist peace signs.  legit.

again…takes my breath away.

do you even know how many images i had to capture just to get one normal shot?  these lovelies were peppered all through out the batch.  and by peppered i mean, the cap to the pepper shaker fell off.  maybe doused is a better term.

thank you josh and tarrah, for dragging us all to hawaii.  you couldn’t have picked a better place, you couldn’t have taken better care of us and you couldn’t have looked more lovely.  thank you for all the laughs, for giving me a really good lesson in patience (josh!) and for being such a good looking couple!  so stoked you are married and so honored you asked lil ol me to be the one to capture it all!  love you both!  so so so very much i love you!

and they lived happily ever after…