mr anderson

by Amy

this is nate.  he and i go way back, way way back…at least 8 months.  his parents are in the same small group with me and they are awesome.  so it is no surprise that nate himself is awesome.

nate plays tennis.  very well.  well enough to earn the state championship title.  and get that big snazzy ring you saw.  and a ton of medals.  yeah…he’s that good.

i get to see nathan at church on sunday mornings.  i try and give him nucks (knuckles)…you know…to maintain my youthful-esque qualities…but i always mess up.  i will end up high-fiving his bicep or just flailing my arms all awkward, but try and play it off like that was what i meant to do.  he always laughs kindly but i am pretty sure “dork” is just running through his brain.  we are tight like that.  i dig it.

nate is super creative too.  he kept me laughing the entire shoot.  “can we do this” or “take a picture of me doing this”.  he’s jumping in some, throwing things in others, sleeping on a bench in a few and looking like he is in jail in one.  loved his creativity.

along with that creativity came some fun ways to use the local surroundings.  “you…wanna lay in this blue glass nate?  it doesn’t look like you will get hurt?!”…and boom…he’s there.  love it!

nathan also plays the bass guitar.  he rocks it too.  at a few shows, at church and at school.  he is sick wit it!

what a handsome guy eh?!

i like nate in his shirt and tie but this…this is how i picture him.  gray sleeved baseball shirt and jeans.  yeah…that’s the good ol nate I know.

i told you would we have a blast nate?!  so stoked you asked me to take your senior shots.  you rocked it my friend.  i got a big ol awkward nuck-five to give you on sunday.  watch out now!