moved by you

by Amy

melissa and i met at an ornament exchange last year.  i was worried my unique taste in feather peacock ornaments would not be accepted by the group but she was quick to make me feel ‘all better’ about my choice.  she’s really super sweet like that.  she has such a warm and inviting smile.   this is her family and, no surprise…they are all fantastic (and give warm smiles) too!

her boys are beyond adorable.  and they never stop moving.  i was huffing and puffing as i ran back and forth trying to catch them mid-tornado and it was awesome.  big brother was either running through the grass, climbing anything with height, riding his bike or playing hide n’ seek.  i hate working out but let me tell you…if big brother was a personal trainer and this was his style…i wouldn’t complain a bit!  his never ending energy was addictive!

little man wasn’t as active but that was only due to a lack of motor skills and mobility.  he is on his way to energizer bunny status.  but he was my little model for the session.  those big blue eyes kept grabbing my attention and i swear my camera would be drawn magnetically to his beautifully handsome face.  he used some of his fiercest modeling techniques like ‘sit unaware on a bench’ and ‘peek from behind a tree with big blue eyes’ or my favorite was ‘reinact an angry ladybug’.  he had all the tricks and, gotta be honest…i see a little ladies man in the making!

aren’t they just beautiful?  seriously…

at first i thought daddy was just quiet.  after about 20 minutes i realized his eyes were on his boys.  in fact, chameleon eyes would have come in extreme handiness for him.  little man was toddling one direction while big brother was bolting zig-zaggy in another direction.  daddy was so good about it too!  all calm and quiet, giving them space to run but keeping a protective eye on them at the same time.  what a good daddy.

there were ducks.  brave ducks.  hungry ducks.  ducks that would eat check mix but preferred goldfish crackers which really does make sense if you think about it.  i was so proud of big brother as he approached the ducks.  he used ‘secret agent feet’ to creep up all stealth-like and he got down on the ducks level… you know, to make them feel comfortable.

all those ninja qualities flew out the door the minute those ducks snatched up their snacks.  glorious squeals of laughter, deep belly laughs and even a few happy dances erupted into display with each passing duck interaction.  even i felt like squealing.  near the end, little man realized that his fingers closely resembled tiny baked cheese crackers and decided, in the best interest of his digits, that he was done feeding them.  what a sweet little surprise adventure for our session!

thank you for the sweet time with your sweet family.  it was so comforting and warm to be around you  all as you played, giggled, explored and just loved on each other.  the two little men are so blessed to have such awesome and loving parents and, gotta be honest…i am so very impressed with the beautiful smiles shared amidst such a high energy workout!  and so thankful the rain stopped JUST for us!