mapping europe

by Amy

i am so blessed by the many mothers that share their fun homeschooling ideas, so i want to throw down on the sharing!  starting with geography…

this year’s Classical Conversation studies have really been focused on europe.  the mountain ranges, the rivers, the important cities and countries, both new and old.  my kids have really enjoyed working on what they have learned with this puzzle.

GeoPuzzle Europe – Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle (58 pcs) – by Geotoys

for us, we start with the Classical Conversations map that they have been learning from, and I ask them to tell me where a certain geographical location is OR I point to something and ask for them to tell me what it is.  Whoever can give the correct answer first, wins the coordinating puzzle piece and then has to add it to our puzzle map on the table.  This puzzle is perfect for this because most of the countries are individual pieces, it features the bodies of water and even has a few pieces for the surrounding continents/regions.

just wanted to share!  might give you a little bit of change up to your geography studies!